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About myself
2020 - Foundation ITIL® 4 course in Moscow
2018 - Urban City Management course, Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), Амстердам
2016 - Corporate Management course in Moscow Business-school Skolkovo
2012 - Knowledge Management course, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW), Берлин
2011 - 2013 - courses on training skills for business-trainers and project management (PMI approved) in Moscow
2006 - Post-graduate "Management in economic and social systems", Ph.D.

Corporate Experience
2011-2018 - retail: the Head of Training&Development Department, the Head of organizational development.

2004-2011 - event/MICE/travel: Sales&Marketing manager, marketing director, operational director, the Head of organisational development, the Head of corporate training center.

Business Trainer & Business Consultant Experience
2011-2022 - Merck Sharp & Dohme, Syngenta AG, Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Tele2, Heineken, Ariston, ING Bank, TSUM (luxury stores), Snow Queen (winter coats stores), Ulysse Nardin, Concern "Pokrovskiy" (agriculture), PWC, Digital Assembly (modern engineering), Eggert Engineering, MAGAMAX (furniture), AliExpress Russia, United Medical Systems (polyclinics), London Gates Education Group, Rolf (cars), UNIKMA (roofings), Fitron (fitness-clubs), 3Z (centers for oftalmology), International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), BI Group (Kazakhstan), Metropolitan Business School (Kazakhstan), etc.

Since 2010 - MBA lecturer in MIRBIS Business School, since 2015 - Head of Innovation & Change Management MBA Program.

I do corporate trainings, workshops, strategic sessions, change management sessions, retrospectives, training on Project Management, projects on corporate culture study and empowerment and so on.
I am the Author of the books
In 2012 my book "Agency Alpha is facing it's crush" was published. It's a business novel about the event agency, which had great ambitions, but was not always able to realize the plans...

In 2017 my book "Transformation Manager" was published. It's about making check-up of your company, plus modelling its future, plus realizing this model with the motivated team.

In 2019 my book "Strategy Toolkit" was published. It's devoted to business strategies and strategic sessions.

Research project Transition Bureau - It's all here :)
Some materials
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